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PartsTrader has a commitment to streamlining our users' workflow through building seamless integration with other industry technology partners for the collision repair and parts industry. 

Technology Providers

When we work with technology partners on integration initiatives, we have four simple goals:

  • Provide a seamless experience to users who use both PartsTrader and your product
  • Utilize the BMS standard that PartsTrader has already integrated into our product
  • Add value to shared users of your technology and PartsTrader
  • Develop a win-win engagement with PartsTrader focused on customer value.

PartsTrader is a member of CIECA, the standard body for the collision repair industry in the US. Our platform has been designed from the ground up to use the more secure BMS technology standard. We use BMS for all integration wherever possible. When the older and less secure EMS standard is available, we convert the data required into BMS immediately and only upload the specific parts procurement BMS file. PartsTrader never transmits EMS files over the internet.

PartsTrader is working with many of the industry’s leading technology platforms to ensure it is fully integrated.PartsTrader’s long term goal is to become a comprehensive, open  collision replacement parts procurement platform available to the entire US collision  industry. If you are a technology vendor that would like to integrate with PartsTrader please contact us.

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