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Information Security

We understand that in using PartsTrader you are entrusting important data to an online, open platform system and we would like to assure you that we are committed to protecting that data.

PartsTrader has been designed to meet rigorous security standards and has passed independent security tests. We implement advanced security models and monitor continuously for potential fraudulent activity.

We promise you that we will take the strongest precautions to keep your data secure and this page details how we will handle your company’s information. Our full privacy policy is available to PartsTrader users during registration. Below is a summary of key points from the full detailed policy.

  • PartsTrader uses only identifying information provided by its users to carry out our obligations in operating the service.
  • PartsTrader does not provide, and will not provide, repairer buy prices to insurance companies. The only exception is recycled parts where this is required on the estimate so that repairers can get paid.
  • PartsTrader is committed to implementing the more secure CIECA BMS standard with our integration partners whenever feasible (although we do use EMS when this is not technically feasible for our integration partner).
  • PartsTrader shares identifying information on a given transaction only with parties directly related to that transaction.
  • PartsTrader will not give, sell, rent, share, or trade any of the identifying information or any data that the User gives PartsTrader in connection with the PartsTrader System to any third party except as outlined in our Privacy Policy, the Terms of User or with such User's consent
  • PartsTrader automatically uploads data related to insurance companies where a business agreement exists providing explicit permission. Only the specific vehicle and part information required for the parts procurement process to work effectively are uploaded. PartsTrader does not upload any other data in the estimate file.

You can rely on PartsTrader to listen to any concerns you might have and to be open, honest and straightforward in our communications with you. Should you have any questions about our security policies please contact us.

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