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Partstrader Delivers New Version of Platform

By Dale Sailer on 17 Sep 2012

Press Release

PartsTrader LLC, a Web-based parts sourcing, quoting, and ordering platform supporting the automobile collision repair industry, announced today that it has released enhancements to the PartsTrader application.  Through the direct feedback and recommendations received from the collision industry, this latest version offers several new features to improve productivity.

 “Our product users, Advisory Council and additional independent researchers have helped us to incorporate creative, solution-driven enhancements to the PartsTrader platform,” said Rob Cooper, PartsTrader Chief Executive Officer.  “Through the feedback and participation of our industry, we’re co-creating a more productive product for collision repairers.”

 One key enhancement to the latest version of the PartsTrader system relates to time.  Responding to significant user feedback, the PartsTrader system can now support a quote window as short as 30 minutes.  The modification, now being tested in two markets, will allow repair facilities to proceed with the repair process in half the elapsed time previously required.  Suppliers can still quote on parts opportunities in ‘overtime’—until the repairer actually begins review of the submitted quotes.

 PartsTrader now also allows a repairer to extend the time window in 30 minute increments if they did not see as many quotes as they expected, or to include placeholder quotes for OEM dealers with whom the repairer has established relationships.  These improvements allow repairers to consider more viable supplier options without wasting time, and produce additional opportunities for suppliers to present their available inventory.

 “These latest changes to the PartsTrader application reflect our commitment to ensuring that collision repair personnel are as efficient as possible during their busy day,” stated Dale Sailer, PartsTrader’s Vice President of Business Development.

 By working with a variety of industry stakeholders and fostering open communication, product improvements and co-creation will be ongoing within PartsTrader.  Pending enhancements include: two-way estimatic integration, repairer and supplier management reporting, and a comprehensive feedback and ratings system.

 This latest version of PartsTrader is now being used by all of PartsTrader’s customers.




About PartsTrader LLC

Headquartered in Chicago, PartsTrader is a Web-based parts sourcing, quoting, and ordering platform supporting the automobile collision repair industry.  Originally launched in 2004, a redesigned and redeveloped system was later created to serve the unique needs of the domestic market and subsequently introduced in the United States in March 2012.  The PartsTrader platform is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to facilitate fair, competitive trade between all collision parts supply chain partners.  For more information about PartsTrader, visit our website at or contact Dale Sailer at (312) 613-3032.

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