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Background Material for PartsTrader 3.0 Release

By PartsTrader News on 05 May 2015

Major enhancements in PartsTrader 3.0

Quote Selection Tool

The Quote Selection Tool (QST), which enables review and order of part options, has been the heart of the PartsTrader application since the product initially launched in 2012.  With the release of PartsTrader 3.0, the QST has been restructured to simplify the user’s ability to set decision criteria based upon delivery time, part quality, and supplier reputation, in addition to price.  Repairers save time with fewer steps and are better able to determine which part quotes meet their needs and place orders with ease. The re-designed QST is being deployed on a rolling schedule to allow users to familiarize themselves with this new feature.

Image 1 –  PartsTrader Quote Selection Tool Screenshot

PartsTrader Quote Selection Tool

Caption:  With the release of PartsTrader 3.0, the Quote Selection Tool has been completely retooled to create additional efficiencies for repairers by allowing them to optimize their part selection on one page.

Inventory Quoting

Inventory quoting has started to rollout for supplier users with the PartsTrader’s integration with Hotlines Automatch.  Participating recyclers will encounter a streamlined quoting process, allowing them to select appropriate parts from their inventory and add the parts to a quote with a mouse click.  The previously announced DMI data platform integration is currently in development and will allow OE parts dealers to incorporate inventory and pricing information from a dealer’s own Dealer Management System.  Both integrations significantly reduce the amount of time to respond to a quote request. 

Enhanced Reporting 

PartsTrader 3.0 offers enhanced management level reporting tools for suppliers.  These new reports allow suppliers to measure the effectiveness of their staff and their use of the PartsTrader tool based upon a variety of sales metrics. Starting with the release of PartsTrader 3.0, additional reporting tools, including new repairer focused reports and additional supplier reports, will be released at regular intervals.    Reports rolling out in this launch include:

Sales Summary by Customer – This report breaks down customer information into easy to review data points for a specific month.  Suppliers using this report will be able to analyze their customer mix, customer performance and obtain an overall view into the health of their business.   

12 Month Sales Summary – Suppliers are now able to view sales data by customer over a rolling 12 month period, reviewing monthly net sales and the percentage of parts returned/canceled or removed from orders.  This will allow suppliers to analyze their customer base, identify any material trends within their customers’ purchasing habits and focus on understanding and managing their customers’ behaviors.

Order Metrics by Salesperson – Suppliers will have another tool to measure their sales team members.  This new report will provide insight into the sales process specific to an individual parts salesperson.

Image 2 – Sales Summary by Customer Report

Sales Summary by Customer Report

Caption:  Users now have expanded sales reporting capabilities allowing them to look at their customer base from different viewpoints.  Over the next several months, additional reports will be added weekly.

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