PI Client FAQ

What is a PI Client, and why do I need it?

The PI (PartsTrader Integration) Client is a small windows tray application and windows service which run on a repair shop PC or server.  This little set of apps makes sure that estimates from your Estimatic software are exported to PartsTrader, and once you’ve selected or ordered your parts, import the part prices and changes back into your estimate.  This saves you the trouble of doing any importing or exporting of this information by hand.  The PI Client takes care of this importing and exporting for you.

Where should I install the PI Client?

Probably the most important thing to understand is where you should install the PI Client in your shop.  Do you install it on every PC?  Do you install it on any PC running your Estimatic software?  Do you install it on your file server?  

As there are so many different kinds of shops, and so many different configurations, we won’t try to answer that here.  We’ve set up a website which will walk you or your system administrator / IT professional through a series of questions, and we can provide the best configuration for your environment.


As a good rule of thumb, if your shop stores its estimate imports and exports on a file server, we suggest you install the PI Client on that machine only.  Why?

  1. Installing the PI Client on your file server means less software installed on your network
  2. The file server has all the files already and it’s a logical place for the PI Client to be in order to process these files.
  3. The file server is always on.  If you install the PI Client on someone’s PC or laptop, and that machine is turned off overnight or over a weekend, then your estimates can’t be imported or exported from PartsTrader

We realize that not everyone has a file server, and your shop’s setup might not work this way.  If it does, we’d say this is the best way to set it up.  No matter how your shop is set up, we highly recommend you use the link above to determine how best to set up and configure your PI Client before doing an installation.  Measure twice, cut once, as the old saying goes.

Which of my Estimates will go up to PartsTrader?

This will ultimately be your choice.  PartsTrader will automatically upload the job and part information for State Farm jobs, since State Farm requires their Select Service shops to use PartsTrader to request quotes and place orders. For repair jobs that are either under another insurance company or customer-funded, the full job and part information will not upload until you specifically authorize it by clicking Import Now on the Parts Required tab. This option is made available to you so that you can follow the same process for all parts procurement efforts, regardless of insurer. For more information on this process, click here.

Does the PI Client need updates?

The PI Client is set up to automatically update itself when we make fixes and changes to it.  You shouldn’t need to do a thing.

Which Estimating software does the PI Client support?

The PI Client supports

  • CCC CCCOne
  • Mitchell Ultramate and RepairCenter
  • Audatex ADXE

What information does the PI Client send to PartsTrader?

We recognize that data privacy is very important to shops, and because of this, we made sure that the PI Client only reads data from your estimates which is needed for parts ordering.

With this in mind, PartsTrader communicates with the PI Client (and all software) using the CIECA BMS standards.  This ensures that we are only using data which is relevant to parts ordering, protecting privacy of your customers, and ensuring PartsTrader is positioned for cutting edge integration going forward.


I’m having trouble with the PI Client.  Where can I get help?

Call our friendly Customer Care team from 8am to 6pm at 1-855-WEB PART (1-855-932-7278) or email us at [email protected]