Default Dealers

This screen identifies one preferred supplier for each vehicle make. The primary purpose of this screen is to designate which dealer will be the default dealer to receive quote requests for parts of this vehicle make.

  1. This area displays the name of the vehicle make above your preferred suppliers.
  2. Click a category heading to sort the entries for each vehicle make by the selected column.  Roll your cursor over an entry containing (…) in order to see the full entry.
  3. Each row in this table contains information about one preferred supplier that supplies parts for the vehicle make listed above the group.
  4. Click one button for each vehicle make to select the dealer who receives all quote requests.
  5. Click to hide the group of preferred suppliers and leave the vehicle make row showing.
  6. Click to remove the selected default dealer for a vehicle make.
  7. Click to save any settings that you made for these default dealers on this screen only.