Part Coverage

The Part Coverage section of your Company Profile controls the quote opportunities that appear on your PartsTrader dashboard. In the Profile section, choose the My Company tab and then Part Type from the left-hand menu. From this screen you can either:
  • Select "All Part Types" check box to receive requests for quotes for all part types. All parts are included in the incoming quote requests.
  • The Category Filters allow you to filter out by Part Types and Associated Keywords so you only receive quote requests for parts you provide.
  • By focusing on the parts you supply, you can review and finish quotes faster.


  • Select "Specialty Part Types" if you only want to receive requests for quotes for specific specialist part types. Limit quotes to include specific part types you have available.
  • The Category Filters allow you to select by Part Types and Associated Keywords for only the parts you supply, and wish to see as quoting opportunities.

Remember to click SAVE at the bottom of the screen once you've made your selections.