What is PartsTrader?

How it Works

PartsTrader is a user friendly, web based, collision replacement part sourcing, quoting and ordering system.

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PartsTrader is an open platform that allows repairers to find, price and order replacement parts from every type of supplier. OEM, aftermarket, remanufactured, and recycled part suppliers can all register with PartsTrader, as long as they are nominated by a PartsTrader repairer.

Our long term goal is to make PartsTrader available to the entire US collision repair industry to create a comprehensive, open parts sourcing and procurement platform.PartsTrader will strive to raise the bar for service and professionalism across the entire collision industry. Quality ratings and two-way feedback mechanisms will increase accuracy and improve service.  A truly open quoting process increases transparency and creates a fair open market.

Vehicle and part data flows directly from the Repairers estimating system and will be ready to submit as a request for competitive quotes in moments, to a network of suppliers nominated by participating repairers. Quotes are not available to the repairer until after the quote time is up, so every supplier gets an equal opportunity.

Remember, the repairer chooses the parts to order. Our motto for repairers is Your suppliers. Your parts. Your choice. 

PartsTrader is working with a number of leading industry technology platforms, to reduce risk of errors and eliminate the need for double data entry.   Additionally, PartsTrader is committed to the CIECA BMS standard for all integration. We will not transmit EMS files over the internet in any form.

If you are a collision replacement parts supplier, you can use our simple web-based interface to submit your quote to the repairer and accept orders placed through the PartsTrader system. Your quotes will not be shared in any way with other suppliers.

The PartsTrader process

  • 01 Repairer creates an estimate listing all the OEM parts required for repair and exports the vehicle and parts information to PartsTrader. If you use estimatics software by the three leading estimatics vendors, you can import the relevant part and vehicle information automatically.
  • 02 Repairer sends a request for quotes (in just three clicks!) to suppliers listing all the parts required, indicating a quote response time frame. If configured, only the repairer’s default OEM dealer will be invited to quote, or repairers can choose to invite more than OEM dealers if they prefer.
  • 03 Suppliers of all part types (e.g. OEM, recycled, aftermarket, specialty, etc) review requests and submit their quotes(s) before the time limit expires. Quotes are only available to the repairer after the time to quote is up, so every supplier gets an equal opportunity.
  • 04 Repairer reviews quotes and selects which parts to order from which suppliers based on price, delivery time, service, quality, reputation etc. Remember: Your suppliers. Your parts. Your choice.
  • 05 Supplier confirms its acceptance and commitment to ship orders to the repairer in the quoted time frame with updated details if required. Repairers can require a review of supplier changes before final confirmation if they prefer.
  • 06 Repairer updates estimate with final part information. PartsTrader is working to automate this part of the process with the major estimatics providers to add value to the product

Suppliers work directly with repairers to arrange shipping, invoicing and paying for the parts.

It is important to note that PartsTrader is a tool to improve the collision replacement parts sourcing, quoting and ordering process. We are not a parts retailer. We match collision repairers with parts suppliers.  All commercial transactions take place between repairer and parts supplier; PartsTrader does not handle the actual supply of parts or payment.

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