What is PartsTrader?

Information for Industry

To give collision industry repairers a unique real-time competitive marketplace, allowing them to make the best parts procurement decisions after considering part quality, delivery time, supplier reputation, supplier terms and part prices. PartsTrader offers a fair and level playing field, with quality ratings in a two-way feedback mechanism that will increase transparency and improve service—raising the bar for professionalism and service across the entire collision parts industry.

Repairers across the country are able to use PartsTrader for all their parts purchasing needs.  The unique value that PartsTrader offers is that it brings together OEM, aftermarket, remanufactured, and recycled collision parts suppliers and allows repairers to request pricing and availability information without making numerous phone calls and notes. PartsTrader is working with leading technology platform vendors to be fully integrated with software the repairers use every day.

Integrating with PartsTrader via the PartsTrader Technology Partner Program

PartsTrader welcomes inquiries from industry software providers wishing to integrate with the PartsTrader platform, and are open to ideas on how to make the procurement process integrate seamlessly with other software being used by those utilizing the platform.  The PartsTrader Technology Partner Program assists software providers with API guides designed to further facilitate integration of the PartsTrader platform with other collision industry software. 

Shop Management API
The Shop Management System API enables repairers to work more efficiently and effectively by synchronizing parts and ordering information between the PartsTrader application and their Shop Management System.

Supplier Inventory System API
The Supplier Inventory System API enables suppliers to work more efficiently and effectively by incorporating a supplier’s inventory and/or part details at the time of the quote and order confirmation.

Data Security

PartsTrader is committed to the CIECA BMS standard for all integration, and was designed to implement these standards fully. We will not transmit EMS files over the internet in any form. Additionally, PartsTrader does not provide and will not provide repairer buy prices to insurance companies. The only exception is recycled parts where this is required on the estimate so that repairers can get paid. PartsTrader subscribes to the ARA position indicating that parts included in the estimate are to be priced assuming that parts are in an undamaged condition and the repair of any damage will be negotiated between the buyer and seller.

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