What is PartsTrader?

Repairer FAQs

How can PartsTrader help me?

PartsTrader can save you time, streamline your procurement process, and may help you identify reliable new sources for quality parts. This simple application is the only comprehensive collision replacement parts market that allows you to find, price and order parts from every type of supplier. When integrated with your estimating software, PartsTrader can provide multiple competitive quotes on each required part in just a few clicks, and update your estimate with the finalized buy prices and part types.  If you'd like to know more about why you should choose PartsTrader as your online collision replacement parts market, click here

How does PartsTrader work?

If you are repairing a car, you simply import the relevant vehicle and parts information from your estimating system and request competitive quotes from appropriate suppliers in just a few clicks. You can even attach photos to add clarity to your requests.

The suppliers who reply to your quote requests through PartsTrader are all repairer-nominated; trusted by those whom they have done business with in the past. Instead of spending time on the phone looking for parts and getting quotes from multiple suppliers, quotes from real suppliers who have the part in stock will come into your PartsTrader dashboard.

Then you review the quotes and order the parts that best fit your needs in just a few more clicks. Remember: Your suppliers. Your parts. Your choice.

If you'd like to know more about how the PartsTrader process works, click here

Will PartsTrader mean more work/double data-entry?

No. PartsTrader is designed to streamline, accelerate, and improve the whole parts ordering process by reducing manual steps. We are working with many of the industry's leading technology platforms to ensure it is fully integrated using industry standard CIECA BMS standards, and focused on integration that makes the process seamless.

Everything is centralized in one system, so once the estimate is complete, you can streamline your parts-ordering process, save time and reduce errors. If you'd like to know more about how the PartsTrader process works click here.

Do I have to accept the lowest price?

The simple answer is no...because (as the repairer) you are always in control of the purchase decision.  If the lowest price is from a vendor who can't deliver the part when you need it, you simply don't use them as a vendor for your job. However the more complete answer has multiple elements:

  • No one but the repairer knows the individual pricing being offered, so no one else knows what may be referred to as the ‘cheapest’ part.
  • Only those suppliers who deliver to the repairer’s geographic market would ever be invited to quote on a request, and the timeliness of their delivery would certainly factor into a repairer’s potential decision to buy from them.
  • Recycled part quality absolutely must be considered, and only you can determine whether the tradeoff to recondition the part is worth the labor costs and time.

Finally, we know your relationship with suppliers you trust is important to you, so the PartsTrader feedback and ratings system can be used as another element in the repairer’s decision-making process when you are reviewing a quote from a supplier with whom you haven't done business before.

Can insurers see my OEM parts margins?

No, they cannot.  The margins you have negotiated with OEM or aftermarket parts suppliers is not disclosed. The only information that an insurer has access to is the same information they have had access to before you started using PartsTrader – list and/or MSRP prices for the parts you’ve selected.  An insurer cannot tell what wholesale prices have been offered to the repairer by any given supplier.

How do repair shops register with PartsTrader?

PartsTrader is available for repair shops in areas where we have an established, active market. Our long term goal is to make PartsTrader available to collision industry stakeholders throughout the United States who are looking for an open parts sourcing and procurement platform. Click here to view a map of active market regions.

As a dealer body shop, do I have to purchase OE parts from a competitor?

Certainly not.  The repairer is always in control as to where they buy.  Moreover, it is solely the repairer’s decision as to whether or not they ask just one dealer to quote or multiple dealers quote.

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