What is PartsTrader?

Why Choose PartsTrader?

Whether you are a collision repairer or parts supplier there are many benefits to using PartsTrader, which is creating a new and better model for online parts sourcing, ordering and purchasing.

Benefits for Collision Repairers

  • Streamline parts ordering and reduce errors by using a single process for sourcing, obtaining quotes, and ordering parts from both OEM and alternative suppliers.
  • Supports traditional direct ordering for urgent parts needs when there is no time to wait for quotes.
  • No more wasted phone time sourcing parts from multiple suppliers. Your full job parts list is imported from your estimating software, and you can then obtain multiple competitive quotes with just a few clicks!
  • PartsTrader gives you information to make the best choice for you--best quality, price and delivery for each specific job.
  • All suppliers in the PartsTrader network have been nominated and recommended by collision repairers.
  • PartsTrader empowers collision repairers. Choose the right price, the highest quality, the best delivery time and the supplier you trust every time you order a part. It's transparent, consistent and fair.
  • PartsTrader will always listen to any concerns, and promise to be open, responsive and honest in our responses to you. 
  • There is no cost for any repairer using PartsTrader to request quotes and place orders.
  • PartsTrader is working with many of the industry's leading technology platforms to integrate seamlessly wherever possible to improve your efficiency.
  • A two-way rating system that enables repairers to rate suppliers as well as suppliers to rate repairers that they have done business with. This contributes to a feedback rating system that will improve service standards and parts quality across the collision industry to the benefit of repairers and suppliers alike.

Benefits for Parts Suppliers

  • It's fair – all suppliers get an equal opportunity to put their best foot forward.
  • Maintain your existing customer relationships.
  • Protect and grow your business.
  • Access new customers in your target market.
  • Streamline your operation: Increase sales without putting more sales reps on the road.
  • You'll have the opportunity to quote for all the parts for every repair, all the time, when you may have received calls for one or only a few parts for a job in the past.
  • Increase order processing efficiency and accuracy. Streamline your parts sales process and reduce errors by having all part and vehicle information documented. 
  • Feedback and ratings system that allows you to evaluate potential new business partners in the market that you serve.

As an industry partner

  • We aim to raise the bar for professionalism and service across the entire collision parts industry, and would like to work with industry partners with that same goal.
  • Integrating software solutions for the collision industry means happy customers for everyone involved.
  • PartsTrader protects data, and has adopted the CIECA BMS standard for all integration, and was designed to implement these standards fully. We will not transmit EMS files over the internet in any form.

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